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Answers for Women who have a dry Vagina

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Why Isn't My Sex Life What is used to Be?

There are a variety of factors that affect a women's libido. As she ages, the events of a typical woman's life will affect her body. Having a baby is a major biological marker in a woman's life. Stress can also take its toll on a woman's body, from work, financial issues or relationships. These can all cause vaginal dryness in a woman. This is the reason that lubrication is so important for pleasurable sex, sex can even become painful when a woman's vaginal is dry.

Changing hormones can affect a woman's enjoyment of sex and ability to orgasm. As a woman ages, she often decreases her production of the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA. This hormone has been clinically proven to have a significant impact on a woman's desire for sex.  A woman can get a saliva test from her doctor to test her progesterone, estrogen and testosterone levels.  If the hormones are off the doctor can recommend hormone replacement or a cream to help with lack of desire and vaginal dryness. 

When a woman can use a good lubrication she can begin to better enjoy an active sex life again without the pain of vaginal dryness.

A lubrication that is pH balanced and made from natural products without flavor or other additives will be more of natural vaginal lubrication.  A company called Sliquid makes wonderful products, they have a variety of lubrication available such as, "Sea" it is water based and infused with natural seaweed extracts which give it a little thicker feel replicating natural vaginal secretions.  It is glycerine and Paraben free as well as hypoallergenic.  Another product they carry is botanically infused natural lubricating gel which again give it the thickness and is water based.

A dry vagina is not a happy organ......
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Friday, January 7, 2011

The hormone oxytocin and its link to female orgasm

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Our body has a wonderful hormone called oxytocin and it has the ability to bring a calming affect over the body when released and bring on a sense of bonding and attachment. High levels of oxytocin are found in the cervix and uterus after labor and are released through nipple stimulation in women, and one main reason for the bonding between mother and child.

Much research has also been done on the connection between the releases of oxytocin after a man or women have had an orgasm. In Wikipedia it stated, “Plasma oxytocin levels are notably increased around the time of self stimulated orgasm and are still higher than baseline when measured 5 minutes after self arousal. In a study that measured oxytocin serum levels in women before and after sexual stimulation the author suggests that oxytocin serves an important role in sexual arousal. This study found that genital tract stimulation resulted in increased oxytocin immediately after orgasm. Another study that reports increases of oxytocin during sexual arousal states that it could be in response to nipple/areola, genital, and/or genital tract stimulation as confirmed in other mammals.[11] Murphy et al. (1987), studying men, found that oxytocin levels were raised throughout sexual arousal and there was no acute increase at orgasm.[12] A more recent study of men found an increase in plasma oxytocin immediately after orgasm, but only in a portion of their sample.
The evidence suggest that women appear to release this natural hormone when sexually aroused and after orgasm. In addition, women who were currently involved in a committed relationship experienced greater oxytocin increases in response to positive emotions than single women. The researchers speculate that a close, regular relationship may influence the responsiveness of the hormone.

There is no doubt about it that when a women in a close sexual relationship has increased orgrams, her level of sexual desire increases and she will want to have more sexually pleasing experiences with her partner bringing her to have multiple orgasms. A woman can also achieve the same level of hormones by bringing herself to orgasm through masturbation. Increased masturbation daily or weekly including sex with a partner or spouse will increase her desire to want to have continued orgasms. There is a strong connection between nipple stimulation, clitoral stimulation and then orgasms that high levels of oxytocin will be releases, not only having a decrease in pain for women but also bringing her closer in her relationship with her partner.

One area that I always advise my female clients is when they have lost their sexual desire; they need to get it back by masturbating on a regular basis, and brining themselves to orgasm. Once they get their body back into feeling sexy and the sexual hormones are released they when then get their sexual desire back and be able to share that desire with their partner. One way for a woman to get started is to use a clitoral female stimulating gel and a great vibrator.

 Female Stimulant Gels Stimulating Gel For Her Wild -

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Are the little bumps on your penis ruining your sex life?

Many men do not know what it is called or why they have these ugly little bumps on the head of the penis. This is caused by Pearly Penile Papules and it is treatable

“Are The Ugly Bumps on Your “Man Friend” Ruining Your Sex Life?”Pearly Penile Papules

“Professors Predicted I Would Never Remove My Pearly Penile Papules. But Contrarily to their Prediction, I Removed my Papules Easily, Permanently & In Just 3 Days! I'll Show You How...”

for more information on how to treat this problem Click Here!

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Monday, December 27, 2010

How A Woman Can Get The Passion Back Into Her Body And Mind

Bringing Your Passion Back

For women who have lost their passion, this article is for you. When a woman no longer feels sexy about herself she may have a hard time being passionate with her spouse or partner. Sex may become a chore rather than a pleasure or an exciting release.
Many times after a woman has had children and is in a committed relationship for a time or is approaching her late forties or fifty’s she may notice that the once fun, passionate spited girl she was is somehow gone. The great news is that a woman can get her passion back and if she is in her forties, this can become one of the most passionate times of her life.
The reason that the forties are such a passionate time for women is that they know their bodies, how to control their emotions and who they are. This is a very powerful combination, also with a woman who had been taking good care of herself, feels good and looks good she can be especially sexy.
If the later part does not apply to you, hopefully after this article it will encourage you to feel better about yourself and prompt you to take notice of your health, appearance, and state of mind.
Whether you are short, fat, big, tall, small breasts, big breasts, athletic, the point is, it does not matter what you are on the outside, what matters is how you feel on the inside. Sexy comes from inside and then radiates thoroughout your whole body sending off energy and pheromones that you may not even realize you are capable of producing.
One of the best workout trends out there that will get a woman in tip top shape, along with her mind feeling sexy is pole dancing class. This may seem funny to some, but who ever invented it was on the right tract. When a woman feels sexy and looks sexy and moves sexy she is opens herself up to passion. A prime example of this is a night out on the town when a woman puts on a sexy dress and some high heels her mood and her movement, everything about her changes and she radiates sexy passion. The problem is that some women don’t do enough of this or have forgotten how to get dressed up and go out at all.

Get Your Butt Moving Again

If pole dancing is not for you here are a few ways to get the body moving and feeling sexier while increasing cardiovascular effects and getting the blood pumping back into your body:
1. Put the music on at home and start dancing, lock the bedroom door and dance your heart out. Make sure the music is sexy, raunchy and makes you want to shake your bum.
2. Grab a girl friend and go out to a club and go dancing, put on the shoes the dress, the hair, the makeup and let loose.
3. Take up salsa dancing with your spouse or on your own, the Latin dance is sure to get the blood flowing in all the right places.
4. Go to a zumba dance class at your local gym, shake it up.
5. Yoga is another way to get in touch with your body; it stretches women in all of the right places making her more flexible and firm.

Think Sexy Thoughts

Get your mind to start thinking sexy thoughts that bring passion to your womanly area.
1. Fantasize about something that turns you on.
2. Read a trashy romance novel that makes you hot.
3. Go see a sexy movie.
4. Look at some hot handsome men
5. Put on some trashy lingerie and heels and walk around your room, lay in your bed with satin sheets and start to play with yourself

Play With Yourself

Play with yourself or have more sex…….that is the third on the list
In a study done by Athena Science a woman who has regular sex with her partner or even is sexual with herself will release more sexual pheromones to the opposite sex, “Cutler's other studies show women who have sex with men at least once a week have regular menstrual cycles and fewer fertility and menopause problems, apparently because of exposure to pheromones.”
1. Touch your body on a regular basis
2. Get your juices so to speak going, there is nothing that will put you in the mood more than to wake up body parts that have been asleep for years?
3. If you don’t use it you will lose it, this is very true for a woman, and we must use it!!!!!
4. Use it often on your own or with your spouse, partner, or lover. Women I can guarantee you one thing and that is if you play with yourself often you will begin to want it more, it will create a chain reaction in your body and release hormones that need to be woken up.
5. Flirt, yes you can flirt innocently, but allow yourself to be a little flirty, womanly. One of the best ways to do this is to give a man a compliment. Try out your flirty ways on your husband, and see how it pays to give your man a compliment.
The best advice is always to be kind to you, love yourself and take care of yourself. Life is too short not to have had a great sex life, or never experience what it’s like to have passion in your life. Take charge of your inner woman and bring passion back to your body.

J D Murrah profile image
J D Murrah 5 months ago
I enjoyed the hub. It contained a great deal of useful things to do. Your inclusion of other links adds a great deal to your hubs.
I did have a question about how you are using the word passion. The term itself means to bring about pain. The examples you gave are more about increasing sensuality than pain.
I welcome your thoughts on the 'passion' issue?

MMMoney profile image
MMMoney 5 months ago
very nice hub I love all points

dawnM profile image
dawnM 5 months ago
Hi J D I think that passion is a wonderful thing not about pain at all?
passion for living, passion for giving being passionate?
I think that you and I have a very different view on passion.

J D Murrah profile image
J D Murrah 5 months ago
Thanks for responding on passion. I suspected it was about a passion for living, as in exuberance, enjoyment, with feeling. I just wanted to be sure. Keep up the good work.

Mentalist acer profile image
Mentalist acer 5 months ago
This hub was certainly affactatious to me as a male and feel helpful to the female senibilities;)

MartieCoetser profile image
MartieCoetser 5 months ago

dallas93444 profile image
dallas93444 5 months ago
Passion: any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. Or could be the state of being acted upon or affected by something external, esp. something alien to one's nature or one's customary behavior ( contrasted with action). Enjoyed hub! I will share it with you know who!! :-)

dawnM profile image
dawnM 5 months ago
You go dallas, do your thing.
love the upside down smile Martie!!!

akirchner profile image
akirchner 5 months ago
Definitely read romance novels! I love them and I always recommend them to friends who say they are 'tired of sex' - after I look at them and my mouth falls open!
Being sexy or thinking about sex isn't as natural as it was when you are first young and a hottie! It gets mixed up there somehow and you have to honestly EXERCISE it just like you exercise your muscles. Some of my friends think thinking about sex or trying to recreate a positive sex life is 'dirty' after a certain age - I totally disagree....but of course I'm the one who is smiling all the time so I guess we know how THAT works out!
I always get carried away....GREAT HUB! All your points are right on! If anyone needs any romance novels, have them send me an email. I keep many on hand just in case!

dawnM profile image
dawnM 5 months ago
I alway look forward to your comments akirchner they are great. My theory is your never to old to bring pleasure to your body as long as your mind still craves it. I'll take your romance
Pre-rec reading before I became a therapist or sex

2besure profile image
2besure 5 months ago
Sex starts in the brain and works its way down. Great tips for getting your sexy back!

dawnM profile image
dawnM 4 months ago
yes that is very true 2besure!!!

tsloan profile image
tsloan 4 months ago
A wonderful blog! Thank you. I have never tried pole dancing but do enjoy strip tease. There are some very good DVDs on the market and many gyms have classes that are really a ton of fun. Love and light to you!

dawnM profile image
dawnM 4 months ago
thanks tsloan, I forgot to put the stirp tease in so great for mentioning that!! Tha is also a very good exercise and sensual!

Danielle Nicole profile image
Danielle Nicole 3 months ago
Another great hub Dawn! Keep up the good work.
For more fun in your life suscribe to this blog or visit Dawn at or

Women are capable of three types of orgasms

Outer anatomy of clitoris.Image via Wikipedia
Most women don’t realize it but they are capable of experiencing three different types of orgasms.  The first is a g-spot orgasm which is located inside of the vagina.  The g-spot has a little nubby texture to it and when pressed on it has the sensation of feeling like urinating.  The next type of orgasm is the clitoral orgasm.  The clitoris is for the sole purpose of sexual pleasure on a woman.  It is the one area on a woman’s body where there is a dense amount of nerve endings.  The clitoris is coved in the clitoral hood.   The third type of orgasm is when the g-spot and clitoris are stimulated at the same time giving a woman a clitoral and g-spot orgasm.
In many cases women are not able to have an orgasm alone just from intercourse alone; they will also need to have the clitoris stimulated as well.  This can be done manually during intercourse, where the clitoris is stimulated.  One great product that came out is a vibrator shaped in a u that goes inside of the vagina and also on the clitoris, the other wonderful aspect is it can be used during intercourse.  For a woman they may need a little extra stimulation and this product will make a world of difference adding increased pleasure to sex.  This is especially wonderful when women get a little older and her sex drive is not what it used to be.  A woman is not only capable of their three types of orgasms but also having multiple orgasms
We Vibe Ii Teal -

The We-Vibe you know and love is now even better! The basic idea of the We-Vibe II is to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously and can be worn during penetrative sexual intercourse. The clitoral pad features slight ridges for greater stimulation with vibrations, and the G-Spot stimulator vibrates internally while hugging the G-spot. Its super-lightweight and flexible, so it fits to your contours and is totally comfortable. This toy is totally wireless and hands-free,
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Why a woman should wear sexy lingerie for her man

Sexy LingerieImage by LaggedOnUser via Flickr
When a woman puts on sexy lingerie, it's not just for her man, but the smart women know that it also accentuates her finer body parts as well.  Lingerie lifts the breasts, adds curves to the waste and can cover the top part of her behind leaving a little bit open for visual appeal.  The proper fitting lingerie along with the right heels can turn an ordinary body into a work of art.
Lingerie is also one way to really turn a man on, most men are very visual so for a woman to take the time to give her man this extra pleasure is sure to give her more pleasure in the bedroom as well.  For all the men that enjoy seeing their woman in sexy lingerie why not buy her some!

Read this great article!
Why men love sexy lingerie and the women who wear it.

To buy sexy lingerie and heels visit The Happy Spouse Store
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do women like masculine dominant men still?

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What is it about a man that makes him sexy to a woman? There are so many conflicting views and theories on this very subject from men thinking that it is their bank account, large penis, winning smile, bad boy image. The truth of the matter is when a woman really likes a man, he makes her feel good about herself, she feels safe with him, attracted to him and much of this plays out in his level of confident that he has for himself. These would be traits of a masculine dominate male, not a controlling man or a bully but a man who likes himself. A man that is confident in who he is and wants to share that with a woman.  Are you a masculine dominant male?  Fiind out more in the article below.

Masculine doninant male

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